The Hispanic Review is a quarterly journal devoted to research in the Hispanic literatures and cultures. The editors invite authors to contribute original research to the journal for consideration. If you are interested in submitting a manuscript for consideration, please note the following: Contributors should prepare their manuscripts following the 8th ed. MLA Style Manual (New York, 2016). There are considerable style changes in formatting the bibliography, and the most significant ones are listed in our Style Guide, so authors are advised to read either our guide or MLA's Handbook.


The Hispanic Review uses a blind review process, so the submitted Word document itself should contain no references that identify the author. This includes name and affiliation at the beginning, or in-text comments such as "In a previous work I found..."


  • Manuscripts should not exceed 9,000 words, including notes and documentation.
  • No part of the submitted manuscript can have appeared in print in another journal or in another language.
  • Use our online submission manager to upload your manuscript. It should be in Word or RTF formats; PDFs are not acceptable.
  • Submitted manuscripts will not be returned.
  • Unsolicited book reviews are not considered for publication.
  • Articles are accepted in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and any of the other regional languages of Spain.
  • Direct quotes in English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish may be left in their original language; they do not need to be translated to the language of the article. This also applies to quotes in other regional languages of Spain only if the article is written in the language of the quote.
  • When reproducing a direct quote that does require a translation, the most efficient method is to put the translation as the quote in the body of the text, and include the quoted text in its original language in a footnote.


All correspondence should be addressed to:

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